The Fantasia

Sleek and sophisticated the Fantasia is perfect for those who want Kromski craftsmanship in a modern design.

The weighted wheel accent keeps the drive wheel spinning with minimal effort, but it's really the flyer that steals the show. The Flyer is held on with a super strong rare earth magnet. It easily releases with a snug pull allowing you to quickly transition from bobbin to bobbin without removing the drive band. Because the flyer and wheel rotate on sealed ball bearings, spinning on this wheel is smooth, quiet and effortless.

This wheel also features sliding flyer hooks, which enables the spinner to precisely adjust the yarn as the bobbin fills. The Fantasia comes with the standard whorl with the ratios 5 & 8:1. It also has two additional whorls available for purchase, giving you   ratios from 10 to 20:1. 

If you are contemplating adding a modern wheel to your collection, you will not be disappointed with the Fantasia.

Includes :

  • 3 bobbins (120g/4.2oz capacity)

  • Spinning Wheel Oil

  • Threading Hook

  • FREE Shipping USA

  • FREE $30 Instant Shopping Spree (Unfinished)*

  • FREE $50 Instant Shopping Spree (Clear or Walnut)*


Kromski Fantasia.jpg

Specifications :

  • Wood Wheel Frame & Base

  • Strong and durable premium MDF wheel

  • Matte finish metal carrying handle

  • Wheel Diameter : 46cm (18 inches)

  • Orifice Circumference : 10mm (3/8 in.)

  • Standard Whorl Ratios: 5 and 8:1

  • Additional whorls : 10 and 14:1 and 18 and 20:1

  • Standard and Jumbo flyer available

  • Durable brass bearings on treadles

  • Hushed plastic bearings in bobbins

  • Single Drive with Scotch Tension

  • Double Treadle

  • On board Lazy Kate (2 bobbin capacity)

  • Total Wheel weight : 5.7kg (12.5 lbs)

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*Yippee,  Instant Shopping Spree with the Purchase of the Fantasia!

$30 Instant Shopping Spree with the Unfinised Fantasia and a $50 Instant Shopping Spree with the Clear or Walnut Finish. Please note on form at check out which in stock items up to the value of your shopping spree you would like to receive. If you would like an Item that is more expensive than your shopping spree contact me and I will be happy to make you a Custom Order.