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TDF Day 2

On day 2  of the Tour de Fleece I finished up my BFL single. I let it set over night and I will ply it today. So while I was letting it set I decided to start something funky & fractal. 

What is Fractal? It's a way of splitting your fiber so that one ply has a very long colour repeat and the other has short colour repeats of the same colourway. When it's finished and you knit with it, it should give you a nice gradual colour shift.

I also decided to add in some teal inclusions for a little extra funkiness :)

TDF 2015 Day 1

The 1st day of the Tour de Fleece was a success. I spun for 3 hours and I only have 1/2 and oz of this lovely BFL left to spin. This is the roving I received from my spinning guild for their 30th anniversary in the Finger Lakes colorway. If your ever in the area check out the Genesee Valley Handspinners Guild it's a great group that likes to have fun, here's a link to the website. GVHG

In honor of Independence Day I did my spinning with Red,White & Blue toes.