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Spinzilla 2015

So this year I'm finally going to do it, I registered for Spinzilla and I'm Going Rogue!

What is Spinzilla? This is from their Ravelry page:

Spinzilla is a global event where teams and individuals compete in a friendly challenge to see who can spin the most yarn during Spinning and Weaving Week, the first full week in October. Join us—there will be bragging rights, prizes, and a monster amount of fun!

In two years Spinzilla spinners have spun over 5.3 million yards and raised nearly $20,000 for The NeedleArts Mentoring Program. Spinners you are awesome.

So now I'm prepping for a Crazy week of spinning-

Bobbins emptied and ready -Check

Read alouds and History done for next week -Check

Jacey's new craftsy class to watch while I'm spinning -Check

Spinning Wheel lovingly cleaned and oiled -Check

I still need to get my fiber prepped, the house cleaned, laundry done before Monday. And I will still need to do some homeschooling, running my daughter to her activities, volunteer for homecoming and cook food during the week -But I'm still hoping to make the Monster Mile :)



Finger Lakes Fiber Festival 2015
Finger Lakes Fiber Festival Hemlock, NY

Finger Lakes Fiber Festival Hemlock, NY

It was a lovely weekend at the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival in Hemlock, NY.  The weather was perfect. There were animals, yummy food, classes, demonstrations and lots and lots of shopping!

Finger Lakes Fiber Festival Hemlock, NY

Finger Lakes Fiber Festival Hemlock, NY

The only downside to the weekend was that Jacey Boggs Faulkner, our featured guest, was stuck in Chicago all weekend. This poor woman spent the night in the airport Friday night and tried to get a flight all day on Sat. At midnight Saturday with her luggage and wheel somehow in D.C. and still no flight to NY in site she decided it was time to make her way back home. So Boucle and Coils will have to wait.

Genesee Valley Handspinners Guild Charitable Donation Projects

Genesee Valley Handspinners Guild Charitable Donation Projects

One of the things I really love about the Genesee Valley Handspinners Guild (besides the fact that they're a bunch of fun loving fiber fans) is that they really care about others. This year we made Hats and Mittens for Preemies at Strong; Hats, Gloves,and Scarves for Veterans and Domestic Violence Victims; and last but not least Knitted Knockers for Breast Cancer Survivors (These were a lot of fun knitting in public :)

Genesee Valley Handspinners Guild display at the Finger Lakes Fiber Fest

Genesee Valley Handspinners Guild display at the Finger Lakes Fiber Fest

The Guild also had displays for our Pillow Exchange and Anniversary Fiber. For the pillow exchange each member exchanged 8oz of fiber, spun it up and then made a pillow for the person who donated the fiber. They all turned out so beautifully it was hard to chose who to vote for.

For GVHG's 30th Anniversary all the members recieved 2oz of BFL fiber in one of three colourways. We spun it up however we wanted and then returned them for display at the Fiber Fest. You can see them all hanging up in the top right photo. In the bottom photo is the one I spun and chain plied.

GVHG 30th Anniversary Fiber BFL Chain Plied

GVHG 30th Anniversary Fiber BFL Chain Plied

Here are some pictures of the Skein and Garment Competition.

Finger Lakes Fiber Festival Skein and Garment Competition

Finger Lakes Fiber Festival Skein and Garment Competition

I was so excited to find out that some of my entries won prizes.


And of course no festival would be complete without shopping!

Finger Lakes Fiber Fest Haul

Finger Lakes Fiber Fest Haul

In back 8oz. of 19 micron merino from WinderWood Farm, 5oz of Finn

Front 1.5 oz of llama from Black North Fiber, souvenier cup and Greener Shades dyes from the Fuzzy Bunny. I had a great time, saw old friends and made some new, I can't wait 'til next year!


Beret de Printemps

I originally spun this yarn to be a lace shawl!
There were just 2 problems. It turned out to be a heavier weight than I had planned and I was terrified of the pattern.
As you may already know, I have only used one other lace chart pattern and it was for a pair of gloves. So as I sat looking at the shawl pattern I knew if I made any mistakes their would be A LOT of tearing out to do. So I thought a hat would be a nice thing to make a little bigger than a glove and not as daunting as the shawl. 
The pattern is Beret de Printemps by Jeni Chase and can be found on Ravelry.

The fiber is 100% Merino in a Rose Quartz colourway and was purchased from Stone Edge Fibers. I spun it as a 2ply with a WPI of 18. It was very nice to spin with, soft and easy to draft.
I had a little problem with the pattern. I was about half finished with the hat when I realized I had been reading the pattern wrong:( I pulled it out and started over. Funny how the stitches look so much better when you do the pattern the right way.
It was worth the time to do it over again, and I learned more about reading lace charts!
Tour de Fleece Day 8

Yeah! I'm finally finished spinning my 8 oz of Jacob. I found it much harder to spin a consistent yarn with the backward draw.  I will have to practice it much more in the future. For now I am going back to my aaw alpaca with a nice simple forward draw and give my brain a break :)

I had a pesky kidney stone this week so everything slowed down, I still made sure to spin every day but a couple of days I could only do it for 5 min :(
Tour de Fleece

I'm so excited tomorrow I get to start the Tour de Fleece!

My father was a cyclist and I remember having the Tour de France on TV every July.  I also remember grabbing my blanket and pillow to sleep in the back of the car while my mom was driving the support vehicle during various local races.  I may have complained at the time about getting up so early, but they are fond memories now! I try to remember that when my kids complain about an activity we're doing.

Well this is my year to wear the yellow jersey, doing exactly what I love.

My goal is to spin 8oz of Jacob with a long backward draw.
I have never spun Jacob before. When I pulled it out of the bag it had nice sheepy smell to it.
I normally spin with a short forward draw so this will move me out of my comfort zone a bit.
We'll see what happens!

 I will be spinning for team Kromski on my Sonata.

Who are you spinning for this year?

A New Adventure Part 1

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while might remember when I got my Drop Spindle for Christmas of 2012. If your new to my blog welcome, you can read my 2 posts on my spinning Here.
I thought it would interesting to know a little more about how yarn was made.  I had no idea it would be the beginning of a new adventure.

I began spindling with Corriedale Batt using the "park and draft" method. This is a great way to learn because you don't have to worry about the spindle going in the wrong direction as you draft. (If any one is interested I can make a video of this, just let me know.) But it does take twice as long. My first 3 oz were not very even, but I still managed to make a small hat.

Here it is on my doll Amelia.

For my second spinning project I used 3 oz of Corriedale roving. I was beginning to get better with the consistency but the yarn was still heavier than I thought it would be.  And I was still having to use the "park and draft" method.
I double plied it using the Andean Bracelet method and it turned out to be a heavy worsted to bulky range at 7 WPI(wraps per inch).

I thought I would make a pair of fingerless mitts.
But after making the first one I realized I didn't have enough yarn to make a second.

It is still sitting on the shelf a lonely mitt. I might just take it apart and have a pretty ball of yarn for the table :)
I was beginning to think I would never learn how to draft while the spindle was in motion, then something wonderful happened ..... (find out in A New Adventure Part 2)

*Resources- I always like to know where bloggers get their supplies, so here is where I get mine (and no i am not compensated in any way by these companies)*

The Corriedale Batt and Roving are from the Village Yarn and Fiber Shop

The Drop Spindle is from True Creations
He is a local wood worker and you can find his spindles at the Village Yarn and Fiber Shop.