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Easter is coming!

It's about 7 weeks till Easter and time to start thinking about bunnies!
This years Mr. and Mrs. Bunny are looking quite springish in daffodil yellow and lime green.

These darling bunnies are hand stitched and embroidered by me. I use a merino blend wool  and stuff them with Bio Wool  (which means it hasn't been treated with yucky chemicals). The bunnies are about 7.5 inches to the tops of there ears and Mrs. Bunny has her cheeks lightly blushed with bees wax.

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny are now available for adoption at my Etsy shop
 They were made using another adorable pattern by Gingermelon. It's the Pocket Bunny pattern and you can find it at her etsy shop here
Two Little Kitties

These two adorable kitties are off to their new home! They were custom made for two dear sisters and the kitties are very happy they will get to play together.

They are made from merino wool blend felt and stuffed full of Bio Wool (which means happy sheep). Their dresses are made out of 100% cotton with lace trim and satin ribbon tied at the shoulders.  The pattern I used is Flora the Explorer by Gingermelon

I love making dolls from Gingermelon's patterns and I'm happy to do custom orders! It typically takes me 1 week to make a doll if I have the felt available 2 if I have to order it. I seem to get a lot of requests around Christmas and Easter so please contact me at least 4 weeks in advance if possible for the Holidays.

Jungle Jill

A very lovely friend of mine is expcting her first baby next month.
She's having a little girl and chose Carter's Jungle Jill as the theme for her nursery.
I new I had to try and make the cute little monkey.
I used Gingermelons Flora the Explorer patten 
and made a few modifications to monkify it!

She is made from merino wool blend felt and stuffed with the eco-wool i love to use.
Her pillow case style dress is made of cotton with organza ribbon ties at the shoulders.
I know she is going to love her new home.♥


Flora and Laura the Explorers

Laura and Flora are ready to go adventuring!

I really love this pattern! Designed by Gingermelon you can find it in her shop 

 I have been waiting to use it because I wanted to try it in both a woven and a non woven felt.
Up until now I have only been using the non-woven felt for my plush dolls and I wanted to see the difference, besides price. ( The woven is a bit more).
Laura on the left is made with a hand dyed woven felted wool and Flora on the right is made using the non-woven merino wool blend felt.

The non- woven felt is a little stiffer and has more of the look of what I think of when I think "felt doll".

The woven felt conforms nicely to curves and is a little fuzzier. It makes me think "plush" first, "felt" second.

Non-Woven on top------Woven on bottom

I was kind of hoping by making the same pattern with both felts I would really prefer one over the other.
But they really are different enough that I like them both!
Does this mean I will have to make all the patterns out of both felts?
Which do you prefer?

Both Laura and Flora will be available for adoption at my Etsy shop later today.