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The NY Sheep & Wool Festival 2016

I had an Amazing time at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY. This was my first year and was completely overwhelmed when I stepped in through the gates.

Luckily these lovely friends and festival masters knew just what to do. They ushered me directly to Into the Whirled so I could pick up a pack of Polwarth/Tussah in Rhinebeck before it was all gone.

I got a chance to try a Golding spinning wheel, meet Galina Khmeleva, touch some Quiviet and Paco Vicuna, and speak with some great shepherdesses.

The weather couldn't have been better! It was nice to be able to sit outside for lunch. I had a very yummy pretzel and an apple cider doughnut.  

It was a whirlwind of fibery goodness :)

And here is the haul... 1lb of raw merino from Ewe and Me Merinos, organic local garlic, Polwarth/Silk from Into the Whirled, Bombyx Silk, Icelandic roving and Karukul roving from Solitude, Long Sleeved Tshirt and pattern from Galina.

The question now is where to start?


Last week I worked on some more handpainted top. The fiber above is merino and the fiber below is a Corriedale Cross which is supposed to be softer than just straight Corriedale. Each braid is approx. 4oz. I think I will spin up one of each colour to see how the colourways turn out. If I like them, I will have to come up with names for them :)

A New Adventure part 2

So back to the story...
I started to get busy making dolls and I didn't pick up my spindle for months.  Then in January I decieded to make a doll sweater for my daughter and I thought it would be fun to spin the yarn before I knit it.

I had her pick out the fiber. It was a lovely merino, alpaca, silk blend that was handpainted in a yellow/green/blue colourway.

I was so excited when it came I started spinning it right away. It spun so smoothly I was finely able to move away from the "park and draft" and have a nice fluid movement.  And that was the point I fell in love with spinning. It was just so clam and peaceful, it was like meditation but I was producing something at the same time. A definite win, win situation in my book!

I really loved the colour of the singles and I didn't want to mix them up so I decided to try theNavajo/ Chain Ply method.  It was easier than I thought it would be. The nice thing about plying on a drop spindle is between gravity and the built up twist(energy) in the yarn it basically plies itself.

Here it is after I plied it but before it was washed. You can see it has a little bit of that energy and I was afraid it would be unbalanced.

But after I washed it and hung it to dry it balanced nicely, yea! 

So it took me 2 months to spin, ply, wash and dry the yarn.  I had designed the pattern, and now I was finally ready to knit the doll sweater.
That's when my daughter told me she didn't really think she wanted a doll sweater, she wanted fingerless gloves.
Yes, 2 months in the life of a 12 year old is just too long to stay committed to an idea. At least the yarn was ready and I thought I remembered seeing a fingerless glove pattern somewhere...
Time to pull out the magazines and search Ravelry!