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Last week I worked on some more handpainted top. The fiber above is merino and the fiber below is a Corriedale Cross which is supposed to be softer than just straight Corriedale. Each braid is approx. 4oz. I think I will spin up one of each colour to see how the colourways turn out. If I like them, I will have to come up with names for them :)

Dye Fest

During the Tour de Fleece we have 2 days of rest, the same as on the Tour de France. On my rest days I decided to spend the time dyeing.

My family has been really awesome as i have taken over much of the house with dye stuffs :)

I like using Greener Shades dyes. They are a non-toxic acid dye that doesn't use any heavy metals. Better for the environment and better for my family, since I do my dyeing in the kitchen.

I'm still hoping to have my shop open this Fall, even though sickness put me behind a couple of months. I'll have hand dyed fibers and hand spun yarns, and possibly some other goodies. Keep an eye out for sneak peeks. I think I see some colourways developing!