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Tour de Fleece 2015

21 days in July and 5489 yds (spinzilla standards) and it is finished.  I had a really great time, the teams I was on (PLY & Kromski Owners) were great. I loved seeing what everyone was working on, they were all so supportive and encouraging and I learned a few new things. For me the take away will be to spend some time spinning everyday even if it is 20 min. and to post on my blog more often.

So what next? Spinzilla? At 5489 yds in 3 weeks, I think not!

Right now my goal will be getting things ready for my store to open:) What are your working on?

BFL Chain Plied - 30th Anniversary Fiber-

BFL Chain Plied - 30th Anniversary Fiber-

This skein was spun during TDF but didn't make it in the group picture because I sent it on to the Finger Lakes Fiber Fest for our Guild display.