Spring Has Sprung

Well, Spring has finally sprung here in Rochester. I was beginning to think it would never come. The beautiful daffodils and violets have popped up and left me thinking about where I'm headed as an artist.

I really want to work with fiber that I know has come from animals who have been loved and cared for by their farmers.  Farmers who are vested in the future of their animals and our eco-system, who take the time to give their sheep a belly rub because they love what they do.

I believe that sort of love gets multiplied and passed on from the shepherds to my hands to your home.

So this year you will see me transitioning from bulk fibers to lovely sheep who have a name. I have found the sheep and shepherds I was looking for at Nistock Farms. Robin and her Husband raise gorgeous crossbred sheep and Cotswolds in Prattsburg, NY. Just a hop and skip away.

All the sample fleeces were so beautiful I had a really hard time making a decision. After I washed, spun, knit and washed them again I picked out the ones I thought would work best together in a garment.

The fleeces I will be working with this year are from top to bottom

Onyx(CVM,Rambouillet,Cotswold); Luna (Cotswold, Border Leicester, CVM, Rambouillet); Ginger (Romedale, Corriedale, Border Leicester); Marshmallow (CVM, Rambouillet, Finn, Cotswold) and Chenille (CVM, Rambouillet, Border Leicester)

 I will be hand processing these lovelies and turning them into yarn for your knitting and weaving projects (and mine too ). You can watch as I work on them through Instagram (badwolfyarn). I'm much better at Instagram than blogging :(

I will also be spinning some breed specific fibers (sheep & alpaca) from local farmers that have been processed in small local mills. These will be in small quantities so keep an eye out.