Fractal Time

I love spinning fractals! There are just so many options, you make the same 4oz colourway look 100 different ways just by order you choose to spin the singles.

Recently I spun up a fractal using my handdyed colourway “Vampires of Venice” in Polish Merino. I divided it up so that the repeats would happen more quickly as you go from the beginning of the yarn to the end. Here it is knit up in the pattern “Passerine” by Jen Lucas.


I love how it turned out, but now I want to try it again in another fractal pattern and I will go through the process step by step.

I’m using the same colourway “Vampires of Venice” but on the BFL base. And instead of the repeats increasing I want them to stay the same size, repeating once in each colour.

First I separate the colours in the order I want them to repeat, Black, Red, White, Light Grey, Medium Grey and Dark Grey.


Then I brake each colour in half. The first half I roll up into large puffs. This is how I will spin it on bobbin number one, nothing else needs to be done with it.


Now I move on to the second set of colours. Starting with the black I divide it up into 6 equal sections. Well, as equal as I can get it dividing it by eye. If you have a scale that measures less than .1 oz you can use that.


Now go ahead and divide each of the remaining colours in the same way. Just make sure they stay in the same order, Black, Red, White, Light Grey, Medium Grey and Dark Grey.


When you are all finished it should look like this. The fibre in the large puffs on the left will go on bobbin #1, the fibres on the right will go on bobbin #2.


Next for each section, I make little puffs for the fibre going on to bobbin #2. Again making sure to keep the colour order.


Once I do that for each section then I bag them. Bags 1-6 will each have a set of the small puffs on the right. I will spin them in colour order Black, Red, White, Light Grey, Medium Grey and Dark Grey bag after bag onto bobbin #2.

Then in the original bag I put the large Puffs again in colour order Black, Red, White, Light Grey, Medium Grey and Dark Grey and I will spin them on bobbin #1.


Now it’s spin time! You can follow along on Instagram @badwolfyarn :)

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Rescue Pit

May is my birthday month! And to celebrate I am donating 10% of my profits this month to Rescue Pit. If you aren't in the market for spinning or weaving supplies you can still help by donating at my Crowd Rise page.

We adopted Morgan(aka Scio) from Rescue Pit in 2016. I was so impressed by their commitment to each individual dog, giving them both the medical assistance and training they need so they can easily join to their new family.


With all of this training and care, expenses can add up very quickly! They strive to have at least $500 set aside for each dog they rescue. If we all pitch in together I'm sure we can raise enough to help another dog find their forever home :)

Official Greeter!

Official Greeter!




Ontario Handspinners and Weavers -Spinning Certificate
OHS 2017 Year 1

OHS 2017 Year 1

As some of you may already know I began the Ontario Handspinners and Weavers Spinning Certificate Program this year (also known a OHS). It's a 6 year spinning program to receive your spinning certificate and another 1-2 to receive your masters. Not something to  be taken up lightly. A new year 1 class begins every 3 years, and I just found out about the program the month before the last year 1 began, so I waited patiently (or not so patiently) for three years!

Haliburton School of Art and Design

Haliburton School of Art and Design

Dyeing Class

Dyeing Class

View from town

View from town

Student Cabins

Student Cabins

I'm so  glad I did! I went up to Haliburton School of Art and Design in Canada for 8 days in August. Every day was packed full of learning; choosing and prepping raw fleece, dyeing, spinning and plying woolen and finishing techniques. The teachers were amazing and so were the other students. I loved being immersed for a week in everything fiber. It's a bit of high and then you come home and look at all the homework, Yikes!

OHS Homework Year 1 Batch 1

OHS Homework Year 1 Batch 1

It felt overwhelming at first, then I just plunged in doing one thing here and there as time allowed and next thing you know it was finished and on it's way to be graded. I felt that I learned a lot from the projects they weren't just busy work (except maybe the jargon page - though I did like learning about metamerism) and it will be a great tool for reference and teaching.  It's good to remember that as I get ready to start homework set 2. I decided the studio needed a good clean up before I take the next plunge :)

My Attic Fiber Arts Studio

My Attic Fiber Arts Studio

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Fall Promotion

Wooltober is Here!

If you've been contemplating the best time to get your first wheel or tenth, now is the time.

From October 1st-31st you will get 2lbs of Polish Merino and a Small Niddy Noddy Free! This is on top of my current shopping spree promotion :)


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Tour de Fleece 2017

I love the Tour de Fleece. For 23 days in July I'm challenged to spin everyday. It doesn't have to be a lot, just a little time with my wheel each day. So far during the tour this is what I've done.


I spun up half of my Into the Whirled Rhinebeck as a 2 ply and the other half as a chain ply

On our rest day I took some Polish Merino that I had hand dyed and carded it with some nice sparkly Firestar and Angelina. I'm still working on the first bobbin.

On Saturday I got to hang out with my friends from the Genesee Valley Handspinners Guild. Brenda Bonisteel was kind enough to invite us out to her lovely Country Comforts B & B for the day!

I finished 2 bobbins of Karakul!

The NY Sheep & Wool Festival 2016

I had an Amazing time at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY. This was my first year and was completely overwhelmed when I stepped in through the gates.

Luckily these lovely friends and festival masters knew just what to do. They ushered me directly to Into the Whirled so I could pick up a pack of Polwarth/Tussah in Rhinebeck before it was all gone.

I got a chance to try a Golding spinning wheel, meet Galina Khmeleva, touch some Quiviet and Paco Vicuna, and speak with some great shepherdesses.

The weather couldn't have been better! It was nice to be able to sit outside for lunch. I had a very yummy pretzel and an apple cider doughnut.  

It was a whirlwind of fibery goodness :)

And here is the haul... 1lb of raw merino from Ewe and Me Merinos, organic local garlic, Polwarth/Silk from Into the Whirled, Bombyx Silk, Icelandic roving and Karukul roving from Solitude, Long Sleeved Tshirt and pattern from Galina.

The question now is where to start?