I have always loved creating things, but my passion for fiber didn’t start until 2013.

                I was making a Waldorf doll and had trouble finding just the right colour of yarn I wanted for the hair. I knew there were people who spun their own yarn. But I wasn’t sure if it was something I personally could do. Plus, I didn’t want to invest a lot of money in a spinning wheel until I knew I would use it more than a couple of times.

              For Christmas I received a beautiful handmade drop spindle, some fiber and  the book “Respect the Spindle”.  It wasn’t long before I had yarn. Not “beautiful” yarn, mind you, but definitely yarn. The amazing part was how much I loved making that squiggly, undulating piece of yarn. It brought me to a place of quiet meditation, while at the same time being able to produce something tangible.

             I soon found I enjoyed the act of making yarn much more than anything I made with the yarn.  Over the next year I continued working on my technique with the spindle, until I could make a nice, even, balanced plied yarn.

            With the help of my ever supportive husband I was able to purchase my first spinning wheel the Kromski Sonata in 2014. Since then I have been, well…obsessed with fiber. The multitude of colors and sheepy smells are intoxicating. I love how you can take the same fiber and manipulate the texture, weight, and hand through spinning techniques to make a completely different finished  yarns. I am continually trying to learn more about my craft through books, videos, workshops and LOTS and LOTS of spinning.  In 2015 I decided I wanted to share my love of fiber with others and so the idea of “Bad Wolf Yarn” was born.

          Shortly after setting up shop I decided I also wanted to offer spinning wheels.  I really loved my spinning wheel! It was beautiful, extremely well made and didn't break the bank. As I found out more about the manufacturer Kromski and Sons I found that we had many the same values. They hire local wood workers and craftsmen to create their wheels and looms. The Kromski's also go out and pick individual trees from the forest to be used in their products and plant new saplings to keep the eco-system balanced. This completely fell in line with my commitment to support small local and heritage breed shepherds, use eco-friendly packaging and non-toxic dyes. It was a great match so I started carrying Kromski products in 2016!

         I'm so glad you're here! Take a look around and let me know if you have any question.